[Multiple Molecular Imaging Research Laboratory Team Leader:Shuichi Enomoto


- Coloring by Molecules -

We establish a new methodology of imaging diagnosis—multiple molecular imaging

In order to realize the multiple molecular imaging—simultaneous imaging analysis of multiple biological processes taking place in the intact living body, we are pursuing the development of semiconductor Compton camera GREI, and the discovery of new imaging probes.


1) Development of the multiple molecular imaging apparatus

 We are developing a new gamma ray imaging system called GREI (Gamma-Ray Emission Imaging) that is a Compton camera consisting of divided-electrode germanium semiconductor detectors. GREI can detect position and energy of incident gamma rays with high sensitivity and determine the spatial distribution of gamma-ray sources. The left-hand panel shows the GREI in use and simultaneous imaging of 3 probes in mouse, which shows these 3 probes are located in the different position. Currently, we are working to achieve high sensitivity and resolution of this system.

2)Exploration and application of new radioisotopes

 GREI can take the images of far wider energy range of gamma rays than any existing image diagnosis system. Thus we are investigating various radio-isotopes for GREI imaging agents, and pursuing the production and application of them.

3)Drug discovery and development for clinical use for human

 We are developing new probes which is available for the diagnosis of cancer and metabolic disease, and evaluation of transplant and regenerative treatment.

4)Biological and physiological research on bio-trace elements

 We are conducting the real-time imaging of bio-trace elements and investigating into the mechanism of them by using molecular biological methodologies.
These studies are performed in joint project with professor Enomoto’s laboratory in Okayama University.

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July 03, 2008
Successful development of a new diagnostic apparatus enabling simultaneous imaging of several radioactive drugs in a single measurement using mice, for the first time in the world
July 15, 2011
Lending a helping hand
December 19, 2008
Many tracers make light work
A new type of biological camera can trace several different molecules at once in a live animal

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