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research summary
Our team has been working as a hub of all teams and units in our Center for Molecular Imaging Science. Namely, we have developed a number of novel molecular probes in collaboration with laboratories of chemistry teams, molecular imaging integration unit, functional probe research laboratory, cellular function imaging laboratory, and multiple molecular imaging research laboratory. In particular our team focused on the development of the methodologies for molecular imaging by using macromolecular probes, such as peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, and glyco-conjugates. For evaluation of the probes and to demonstrate the usefulness of the probes, we employed several animal models of diseases and also pre-disease state such as fatigue. We also demonstrated the usefulness of PET molecular imaging in drug development; namely, pharmacokinetics (PK) studies and drug delivery systems (DDS) studies. In the other mission of our team, elaboration of PET measurement has been attempted for gaining much more accurate and highly quantitative VOI values. Then, our team is also responsible for translational research and clinical studies for stepping up the outcome of basic researches to clinical application and drug discovery.

PET images of biliary excretion after injection of 15R-[11C]TIC-Me to human

September 21, 2010
World's largest oligosaccharide cluster reveals influence of molecular structure on metabolism
September 01, 2010
PET imaging reveals movement of drug-carrier molecules involved in bile-mediated excretion
May 20, 2010
Cancer recognition capability improved with technique to chemically inject glycan links into lymphocytes
April 19, 2010
Fluorescent labeling of living cells easily accomplished in only minutes using chemical reactions
November 2011
Imaging new pathways in the human brain
September 9, 2011
Protecting young minds
November 26,2010
A clear view through trees
July 23,2010
Bright lights for live cells
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