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[Molecular Imaging Integration Unit] Unit Leader Kasuhiro Takahashi


Our Unit supports the research and development of integrated techniques for molecular imaging such as the efficient production of noble radio-labeled probes, highly sensitive measurements of the metabolites of labeled probes and the effective analysis of images measured by PET and the other modalities. We are currently developing a new multipurpose automatic synthesizer module with sterile, disposable kits capable of performing a number of critical tasks under cGMP conditions. The principle design goal is to use disposable kits that meet regulatory purity requirements, in most of the production processes. In addition, the Unit’s flexible programming system makes it an ideal system for routine productions of useful compounds such as [11C]acetate, [11C]methionine, and [18F]FLT.

1) research and development of production of radionuclides with clinical cyclotrons
2) development of automated chemical modules for noble radio-labeled probes
3) development of effective productions of radio-labeled probes
4) development of high sensitive measurements of the metabolites
5) development of effective analysis of images by PET and other modalities